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  1. Louise Stein Sorensen fonds

    Fonds consists of textual records, graphic materials, and artefacts relating to Louise Sorensen’s life in the Netherlands, some of which was spent in hiding. Many of the items are wartime records, including photographs and negatives, correspondence, paper currency, drawings, notice of registration, official and forged identity cards, and ration cards. Additionally, the fonds contains copies of Sorensen’s great-uncle’s daughter’s, Ans’, testimonies; several English translations of items provided by Sorensen; and a 1947 second edition of Anne Frank’s Het Achterhuis, or The Diary of a Young Gi...

  2. Collection about Rudolf Vrba

    Collection consists of articles, lectures, correspondence, newspaper clippings and other textual material produced and collected by John Conway relating to the life, activity and legacy of Dr. Rudolf Vrba, a Slovak Jewish Holocaust survivor escaped from Auschwitz and associate professor of pharmacology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.Collection has been arranged into the following series: Vierteljahrshefre für Zeitgelchichte documents series (1997–2010); Vrba memorial lecture series (2006–2014); Biographical material series (1987–2010); Correspondence and research rec...

  3. Bick family fonds

    Fonds consists of photograph albums, loose photographs, books, memoir, table cloth and official documents relating to the lives of members of the Bick family. Fonds has been arranged into the following series: Werner Bick memoir series (2002), Prayer books series (1868–1933), Bick family photographs series ([1891?]–[200-]), Siegfried and Johanna Bick emigration documents series (1938–1939) and Household object series ([before 1979]).

  4. Vilcsek family collection

    Collection consists primarily of records generated or used during the period of the Second World War by the Vilcsek family in Budapest, Hungary. These include vital statistics and personal records of the Vilcsek family, photographs, and postcards mailed to the family from Ernő Vilcsek while he was in a labour camp in Hungary. Collection also consists of artworks, several on the theme of the Holocaust, created by Eva Kero after her immigration to Vancouver, BC.Collection has been arranged into three series: Correspondence (1942), Family records ([after 1881]–1949) and Artworks (1969–1971).

  5. Mayer Levit fonds

    The records in this fonds pertain to the experience of Mayer Levit after his liberation from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. These include transit and identification documents, a prayer book, embroidered towel, ration card and official documents attesting to his status as prisoner and his subsequent application for compensation.

  6. Maurice Smith militaria collection

    Scope and content: Collection is comprised of memorabilia received or collected by Maurice Smith while performing military service in Italy and the Netherlands. Collection is divided into three series: Artefacts [between 1939 and 1945], Correspondence, photograph (1945) and Publications and ephemera (1944–1945).

  7. Inge (Kollmann) Manes fonds

    Fonds consists of Manes' Star of David badge worn in Belgium, as well as documents and photographs documenting her and her family's experience of the Holocaust in Belgium. Fonds has been arranged into two files: Kollmann family file and Alice Schiffer file.

  8. Frank Orban fonds

    • Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
    • RA027
    • English
    • 2005
    • 2.15 cm textual records12 postcards3 photographed documents1 album (86 photographs)53 photographs : black and white, colour1 photograph : slide

    Fonds consists of postcards, photographs, identity, work and personal documents produced or received by Frank Orban relating to his family, work and life in Hungary, Israel, Greece and Canada. Fonds has been arranged into the following series: Postcards series (1944), Photographs series ([after 1919]–2005), Personal records series (1938–2005), and Compensation correspondence series (1998–2004).

  9. Collection about the Gottfried family

    The collection consists of vital records, administrative documents, trade certificates, travel papers, correspondence, letters of reference, liturgical materials, and photographs relating to the lives of members of the Gottfried family and the families of Gerda and Lori Gottfried's husbands (the Kraus and Seemann families, respectively). Records detail the vital statistics, career history, educational attainment, travels and emigration efforts of the family from the early twentieth century until the beginning of the twenty-first century. Collection has been arranged into the following serie...

  10. Alexander and Gina Dimant fonds

    • Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
    • RA016
    • English
    • 11.7 cm of textual records4 postcards71 photographs : prints ; black and white, colour7 coins2 bank notes2 thimbles : silver, glass1 pane (20 postage stamps)

    Fonds is comprised of correspondence, photographs, identity and personal documents, society registration documents, minutes, clippings, memorabilia and ephemera created or collected by Alexander and Gina Dimant in Poland, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), Italy and Canada. Records pertain to their family history, work, school, and social and volunteer activities prior to and after the Second World War.Records have been arranged into the following series: Correspondence (1941–2019), Photographs ([1920?]–[2016], Personal records (1938–2013), Artefacts (1940–[before 1948], 1997),...

  11. Dokumente und Quellen anderer Archive. Deutsche Archive. International Tracking Service (ITS), Bad Arolsen

    Die Sammlung enthält v.a.: Korrespondenz, Befehle, Verfügungen, Anweisungen, Schutzhaftbefehle, allgemeine Anordnungen, Sitzungsberichte von Organisationen der ehemaligen Gefangenen, Bestandesrapporte, Stärkemeldungen, Häftlingslisten, Listen Befreiter, Listen verstorbener Häftlinge, Zugangslisten, Transportlisten, Unterlagen des Häftlingskrankenhauses, Unterlagen betr. Arbeitseinsatz, Todesbücher, Unterlagen betr. Kassenanweisungen, Sozialversicherungsangelegenheiten, Blockbücher, Veränderungsmeldungen, „Operationsbuch“, Totenlisten, Friedhoflisten, Repatriierungslisten, Nachkriegsberichte...

  12. The Benjamin Arditti Archive: Documentation Regarding the History of Bulgarian Jewry, 1850-1964

    The material in the private collection of Benjamin Arditti can be divided into the following classifications: 1. Personal and family documentation (correspondence, pictures and more);2. Benjamin Arditti's correspondence with various institutions and public figures; 3. Manuscripts and various publications (articles, essays and more, not including books) by Benjamin Arditti;4. Documentation regarding Benjamin Arditti's activities as a Knesset member and an activist in Sephardi Jewish organizations; 5. Documentation regarding the history of the Jews in Bulgaria until World War II, Zionism and ...

  13. Memories of Occupation in Greece

    The Archive "Memories of the Occupation in Greece" contains 93 testimonies of witnesses of the German occupation of Greece during WW2. The interviews are biographical interviews with witnesses of various experiences such as: Resistance fighters, victims of the massacres, survivors of bombings, Jews in Hiding, Shoah survivors, as well as people who were arrested during raids in Athens and other places and deported to Germany. The archive preserves these testimonies for the future and makes them available for education and research. Register to view the interviews in the archive. The archive ...