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Holding Institution: The Central Zionist Archives/ הארכיון הציוני המרכזי
  1. The Zionist Organization / The Jewish Agency for Palestine/Israel – Central Office, London.

    Firstly, we note in this fonds several series of correspondence which are of interest to this guide. Files Z4/30867 - Z4/30870 contain correspondence regarding “Zionist work” in Belgium (for the years 1927-1946). Correspondence on immigration from Belgium (often with lists of immigrants) and family research can be found in the files Z4/32408 to Z4/32412 (1943-1947). Various correspondence (regarding i.a. immigration, the Golden Shekel, donations, Zionism in Belgium, …) with the Belgian Zionist Federation and the Zionist Organisation in Belgium is found in files Z4/40030 (1920), Z4/40342 (19...

  2. Immigration department.

    This fonds contains a number of files relevant to this guide, generally containing correspondence, notes, reports and various other documents. We firstly note files concerning: the association of immigrants from Belgium in Tel Aviv (file S6/1417; years 1943-1946), Hehalutz in Belgium (S6/2390, S6/2150 and S6/2151, resp. for the years 1931-1932, 1937-1938 and 1938-1947), Hehalutz in Antwerp (S6/2148 and S6/2149; resp. 1936 and 1937), hakhsharah in Belgium (S6/1936, S6/1937 and S6/1938; resp. years 1938-1947, 1937 and 1937-1938), immigration permits for members of the Belgian Agudath Israel (...

  3. Office of Eliezer Kaplan.

    This fonds contains 7 relevant files. We find files concerning: trade relations between Belgium and the Netherlands (file S53/1283; years 1939-1947), the situation in Belgium from 1944 to 1945 (S53/1588), actions to help the Jews in Belgium (S53/1610; 1944), the Zionist Federation in Belgium (S53/482; 1946), Hamagbit Hameuhedet (United Jewish Appeal?) in Belgium (S53/1437; 1947-1948) and the Belgian Congo (S53/1444; 1948) and finally a file concerning fundraising appeals in Belgium (S53/423; 1940).

  4. Organization Department.

    In this fonds we firstly note 14 files titled “Belgium”, spanning the years 1950-1971 – see files S5/10491, S5/11397, S5/11398, S5/11399, S5/11400, S5/11401, S5/12484, S5/12485, S5/12486, S5/12487, S5/12488, S5/12489, S5/12490 and S5/12491. File S5/12161 contains newspaper clippings concerning Belgium. Concerning the shekel in Belgium, see files S5/2017, S5/2018, S5/1316, S5/1317, S5/11739, S5/11792 and S5/11862, roughly covering the years 1935-1961. The fonds also contains various documents such as reports and correspondence with Zionist political organisations in Belgium, notably with Miz...

  5. Office of David Ben Gurion.

    In this fonds we note the file S44/244, containing correspondence on the situation of the Jews and Zionism in Belgium (1944-1945).

  6. Rescue Committee.

    In this fonds we firstly note several files containing correspondence and other documents concerning requests for help to individual Jews and Jewish families in/from Belgium (the names are mentioned in the inventory) see file S26/905 (1945), S26/730 (1944), S26/609 (1947), S26/497 (1945) and S26/49 (1945). Several files covering the years 1941-1945 contain reports, correspondence, testimonies and various other documents concerning the situation of the Jews and their communities in Belgium, rescue efforts, the Jewish resistance, … - see S26/1496, S26/1228 (reports of the American Jewish Comm...

  7. Political Department.

    In this fonds we find 6 relevant files, mostly containing correspondence, reports and other documents. We note: reports on the situation of (exiled) Jews in Belgium (file S25/7853; years 1940-1945), reports on i.a. Belgian industry and trade during the war (S25/10759; 1941-1944) as well as files concerning: the situation in Belgium during the Second World War (S25/9321; 1939-1944), trade relations with Belgium (S25/7396; 1947), Zionist activity in Belgium (S25/1996; 1926-1947) and the local Palestine Office (S25/603/4; 1925).

  8. Search Bureau for Missing Relatives.

    This fonds contains correspondence with Aide aux Israélites Victimes de la Guerre (file S104/388; years 1947-1949) and the Palestine Office in Belgium (S104/163; 1945-1953), concerning requests for information on missing persons.

  9. Immigration Department, Office in Istanbul.

    We note the file L15/1181, containing correspondence on the persecution of the Jews in France, Belgium and the Netherlands in 1940-1944.

  10. Central Bureau for the Settlement of German Jews in Palestine, London.

    This fonds firstly contains correspondence with D.M. Van Buuren from Brussels, concerning financial investments in Palestine (including letters signed by Weitzman); see file L13/5 (year 1934). We also find general correspondence with Antwerp, including lists of Jewish refugees wanting to emigrate to Palestine (L13/28; 1933-1936). File L13/41 contains lists of German Jewish refugees “in correspondence with Belgium” (1933-1934). Lastly, we note two files concerning immigration certificates i.a. for Belgium (see L13/67/2 and L13/67/3, resp. for 1933-1935 and 1933-1934).

  11. Office of the World Jewish Congress in Geneva.

    In this fonds we firstly note several Belgium-related wartime reports, more specifically the files C3/27, C3/28 and C3/45. They contain anti-Jewish legal texts, various brochures, correspondence, documents, reports on the situation of the Jews in Belgium, during the years 1940-1946. Several other files concern post-war Belgium – see C3/341 (including reports, correspondence, newsletters, … on the Conseil des Associations Juives en Belgique and COREF; 1945-1950), C3/342 (containing newsletters of the CAJB; 1946) and C3/370 (i.a. concerning WJC children’s homes in Belgium; 1946-1947). File C3...

  12. Office of the World Jewish Congress in London.

    In this fonds we firstly point out the relevant files containing correspondence with the WJC office in Brussels, Jewish organisations and individuals (files nrs. C2/1002 and C2/1317; years 1959-1962), with the Belgian ambassadors in London concerning the Bergen-Belsen memorial (C2/1766; 1948-1952), with He’atid – Federation of Zionists (C2/1196; 1942-1947), with the Conseil des Associations Juives de Belgique and concerning heirless Jewish property in Belgium (C2/1631; 1949-1963), regarding cultural affairs (C2/4226; 1956-1957), regarding publications, education, cultural issues, … (C2/4236...

  13. Adler-Rudel, Shalom.

    We firstly note the file A140/363 (dated 1938), in which we find lists, brochures and leaflets of various schools, as well as correspondence between Shalom Adler-Rudel, Paul Reiward and the Zionist Federation of Belgium regarding the financial situation and activities of Jewish refugees in Belgium. File A140/342 contains a (copy of a) letter from Reiwald to Adler-Rudel, concerning the economic activities of German refugees, including a list of companies in Belgium owned by refugees. Reports (dated 1939) on the assistance to Jewish refugees, i.a. in Antwerp and Brussels, can be found in A140...

  14. American Jewish Conference, New York (Office of the WJC).

    In this fonds we note two relevant files, originating from the Department of Overseas Relations. See the files “Belgium. Restitution” (C7/1290; 1946) and “Belgium” (C7/1210; 1946-1948).

  15. Gruenbaum, Yitzhak.

    This fonds contains 5 files pertaining to Belgium. It includes notably incoming letters from the newspaper Hatikwah (file A127/218; year 1926), letters concerning his trip to i.a. Brussels (A127/824; 1931), letters from the time of Gruenbaums visit to Belgium (A127/622; 1926) and, lastly, card indexes of Yizhak Gruenbaum pertaining to rescue attempts and the situation of the Jews in various countries, including Belgium – see A127/1865 and A127/1873 (1939-1940).