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Holding Institution: Archives nationales de Luxembourg / Luxemburger Nationalarchiv
  1. Ministère de l'Instruction publique

    • Ministry of Education

    In fonds Ministry of Education consist some files wich are connected with the Holocaust. The sub-series "L'enseignement primaire sous l'occupation allemande 1940-1944" *The Primary education under German occupation 1940-1944" has some documents about the wearing of the yellow badge for Jews (IP-1557); Supplies 1941-1943 for Jewish school in Luxembourg in 1940 (IP-1563).

  2. Commissariat du rapatriement

    • Repatriation Commissioner

    The series CR-D-07 of the sub fonds "Dossiers collectifs concernant les Luxembourgeois enrôlés de force, internés dans des camps de concentration ou des camps de prisonniers, portés disparus ou déportés (Sous-fonds)" (Collective dossiers concerning the forced enlisted people from Luxembourg, interned in concentration camps or prison camps, missing or deportedcontents) contents a post war dossier created 1947-1968 about the Luxembourg Cinqfontaines camp - List of the Luxembourg Jews. who died in the Ghetto of Lodz, a list of Jews from Luxembourg arrived at Auschwitz. Further research about t...

  3. Deuxième Guerre Mondiale: déportations, enquêtes, arrestations

    • Second Word War: Deportations, Investigations, Arrests

    The series consists out of Reports manuscripts sent to the Luxembourg Public Safety on living conditions in Cinqfontaines and deportations, 1946. Further there are Investigations and arrests "of Einsatzkommando der Sicherheitspolizei und Sicherheitsdienstes" 1941-1942 and Criminal investigations of the WW II (1947-1950) as well as Lists of deported Jews, 1941-1943 from Luxembourg.

  4. Criminels de guerre

    • War criminals
    • CdG

    The fonds War criminals (Criminels de guerre) is divided into different subfonds. These are: - German Civil Administration (Administration civile allemande) - Commissions - Court for war crimes (Cour des crimes de guerre) - Deportation of Jews (Déportation des juifs) - Various - Extraditions - Trial of war criminals (Jugement des criminels de guerre) - German court (Justice allemande) - Offensive «von Rundstedt» - National Office for Research of War Crimes (Office national pour la Recherche des crimes de guerre) - German police (Police allemande) - trial (Procès) - Military war court (Tribu...

  5. Fünfbrunnen (Cinqfontaines)

    The series of records Fünfbrunnen II (FMD-003) consists aiut of residence certificates of Jews in the camp Fünfbrunnen by the local administration in Asselborn, 1957-1962. Certificates of registration and deregistration with the police registration authority, 1941-1943.

  6. Chef der Zivilverwaltung

    • CdZ

    The fonds Chef der Zivilverwaltung (CdZ) includes as the highest civilian administrative authority records of all areas in occupied Luxembourg. Within the fond CdZ there are explicit folders concerning Jews. The "Abteilung IV A: Verwaltung des jüdischen und sonstigen Vermögens" of the CdZ was responsible for the Aryanization of the Jewish property. Part of the fonds related to this are especially "A/4/1/001.IVa: Juden- und Emigrantenvermögen" (Assets of Jews and emigrants). Also other folders with more general titles like the series "A/0: Haushalts-, Besoldungs- und Rechnungsangelegenheiten...

  7. Consistoire Israélite II

    The fonds consists out of documents mainly from the years of the WWII, especially from the time of the occupation of Luxembourg untill 1943. It contains a list of Jews residing in Luxembourg, emigration of Jewish citizens and miscellaneous correspondence; Correspondence between the Jewish consistory and Chef der Civil Administration, confiscation of Jewish property, list of Jewish immigrants in North America, financial assistance to Jewish deportees, administration of Jewish property, Jewish nationals staying in Cinqfontaines - match "Ältestenrat der Juden" fees building on the barracks of ...

  8. Consistoire Israélite

    • Isrealite Consistory

    This collection contains mainly out of documents from the time 1940 to 1945 and concerning residence permits (1-4), confiscations (5-13), consistories abroad (14), correspondence (15-23), deportations (24-36), miscellaneous (37-49), war damage (50), personal records (51-59), emigration (see also miscellaneous and personal records) (60-62), finances (63-75), estate ("fortune") (76-81), instructions (82-84), press (85-87), population census (88-90), sequester (91).

  9. Fünfbrunnen (Cinqfontaines)

    Records related to the Fünfbrunnen concentration camp: name lists of Jews deported from Luxembourg to occupied Poland, SiPo reports on arrested Jews and resistance members, Correspondence and documents relating to the occupants of the Jewish elder people's home Fünfbrunnen close to Ulflingen. General inquiries of the Consistory of the Jewish community in Luxembourg at the Task force of the Security Police (Einsatzkommando der Sicherheitspolizei), the Chief of Civil Administration (Chef der Zivilverwaltung) and the Gestapo. Further the fonds contains documents relating to emigration and depo...

  10. Ministère des Affaires étrangères

    The record of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contain among other subfonds the following three subfonds which contain information on the persecution and the fate of Jews in Luxembourg: government in exile, the Luxembourg embassy in Washington and World War II.