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Holding Institution: Российский государственный военный архив
  1. Еврейская община (г. Салоники)

    • Juive communautÉ (Salonique)
    • Records of Jewish Community of Salonika, Greece
  2. Еврейская община (г. Берлин)

    • Jüdische Gemeinde (Berlin)
    • Records of Jewish Community, Berlin
  3. Еврейская община (г. Афины)

    • Juive communautÉ (Athènes)
    • Jewish Community of Athens, Greece
  4. Женская сионистская организация Австрии (г. Вена)

    • Organisation "Zionistische Frauen österreichs" (Wien)

    Handwritten meeting minutes and printed reports on the organization's activities.

  5. Австрийский союз еврейских легитимистов (г. Вена)

    • Verband der jüdischen Legitimisten österreichs (Wien)
    • Records of the Verband der jüdischen Legitimisten Österreichs (Association of Jewish Legitimists of Austria), Vienna

    The records of Fond 1189 contains materials related to the activities of the Union of Austrian Jewish legitimists, its board, and departments: the youth group, the legitimist Union of Jewish Women, the legitimist Jewish Veterans organization, and the editorial Office of the newspaper "Legitimist” the organ of the Union of Austrian Jewish Legitimists. Deposited in the collection are charter documents; minutes of general assembles of the union and of meetings of its board; correspondence with affiliated Jewish organizations and with organizations of war veterans and other organizations; finan...

  6. Центральное бюро исполнительного комитета Всемирного еврейского конгресса (г. Париж)

    • Exekutivkomitee des JÜdischen Weltkongresses (Paris)
    • Records of the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress, Paris
  7. Правление синагогальной общины (г. Штеттин)

    • Vorstand der Synagogen-Gemeinde (Stettin)

    Archival records of the synagogue in Stettin (Szczecin, Poland) and the history of Jews in the region from 1906 to 1937: it consists of a bulletin and various documents of the "Reichsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland" regarding the need to better organize statistics on Jewish organizations; correspondence, statistics and clippings on the emigration of Jews from Szczecin (Stettin).

  8. Союз австрийских сионистов (г. Вена)

    • Verband der Judenstaatszionisten österreichs (Wien)
  9. Союз австрийских евреев (г. Вена)

    • Union österreichischer Juden (Wien)

    The entire Fond 714, 1903-1938 (134 Dela) contains the Austrian Jewish Union charts for 1903-1937, minutes, correspondence with local Jewish organizations campaigning against antisemitism and fundraising for charitable purposes; circulars on rules for electing boards of Jewish religious communities; accounts of the activities of Jewish religious community of Vienna, 1925-1928; brochures, and issues of the Jewish newspapers “Jűdische Welt”, “Jűdische Rundschau”, “Die Wahreit”, and “Jűdische-liberale Zeitung”, as well as issues of the German newspapers “National Zeitung” and “Reichspost”, and...

  10. Разные документы

    • Miscellaneous Fond

    Diverse records including the archive of the former SS officer Prützmann; records about an SS doctor's work on forced sterilization; name lists of foreign nationals, annotated by the Hungarian police; details about atrocities at KL Sachsenhausen; records about Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski, a commander of SS anti-partisan units, including his military tribunal hearing; Gestapo information about the "Mopper" underground organization in Hessen-Frankfurt in 1936; lists of Gestapo documents found in the building of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt in Berlin; materials on German crimes in Belorussia,...

  11. Бюро имперского протектора в Богемии и Моравии (г. Прага)

    • Records of the Reichsprotektor in Böhmen und Mähren, Prague
    • Büro des Reichsprotektors in Böhmen und Mähren (Prague)

    Contains a March 1941 monthly situation report of the head of the SD in Prague that mentions the emigration and "resettlement" of Jews. Also included are letters to other German authorities that include a listing of all leadership offices, statistics on German nationals, and the reestablishment of Deutschtum ("Germanness") in the Protectorate.

  12. Материалы народного суда и других немецких судов

    • Records of Volksgerichtof and other German Courts

    Court files of investigation of people charged with state treason, sabotage, listening to foreign broadcasts, and other treasonable acts involving the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. Included are correspondence and orders regarding the investigation of Poles, Czechs, Jews, and Russians; excerpts from "highly treasonable" radio broadcasts printed in "Deutsche Volkszeitung" (October 1938) and broadcast over "German Freedom Station."

  13. Германская секция Международного союза расистов (г. Берлин)

    • Records of the International Association "Alliance Raciste Universelle," Berlin
    • Bund "Völkischer Europäer", Abteilung Deutschland (Berlin)

    This collection contains organizational information about this pro-Nazi alliance, also known as European Union of Racists, whose purpose was to repulse puported Jewish influence on national life in various countries. Included are organizational bylaws, samples of the alliance periodical Judenkenner, materials on Jews and Freemasons, correspondence with local branches of the alliance and with Munich NSDAP headquarters, announcements of lectures, reports from sympathetic visitors to Germany who repudiated "Jewish hate propaganda," membership lists, and proofs of racial purity.

  14. Материалы бывшего военного архива

    • Archivalien des ehemaligen Heeresarchivs
    • Records of the Former Military Archive
  15. Управление службы безопасности (СД) (г. Веймар)

    • SD-Abschnitt (Weimar)
    • Records of the SD‐Abschnitt Erfurt und Weimar

    63 files

  16. Имперский суд и Прокуратура Германии (г. Лейпциг)

    • Reichsgericht und Reichsanwaltschaft (Leipzig)
    • Records of the Reichsgericht and Reichsanwaltschaft in Leipzig (State Court and State Prosecutorial Office)

    Investigatory records, letters, newspapers

  17. Управление службы безопасности (СД) в г. Штеттине

    • SD-Abschnitt (Stettin)
    • Records of the SD‐Abschnitt Stettin

    Correspondence and newspaper clippings relating to the Seventh-Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses, the confiscation of their printed materials, and one item about Jewish influence on churches.