Archival Descriptions

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Holding Institution: Državni arhiv u Osijeku
  1. Velika župa Baranja

    • The Great Parish of Baranya

    Contains general files relating to the determination of social benefits, the nationalization of buildings, managing of the County Police District in Osijek, search for outlaws (sic), change of religion of the municipal clerks; includes the lists of officers and internal administration in the area of the County Ðakovo (site of a transit camp for Jews from Slavonija), lists of officers of the parish, which belonged to the competence of the Independent State of Croatia General Directorate for Internal administration.

  2. Gradsko poglavarstvo Osijek

    • The City Government of Osijek

    The collection contains minutes from meetings, files from the mayor's office files (prezidijal); documentation concerning various boards, the health services, the police, accounting and city budget, the military departments, the Social Services Commission, the Tax Office, the Committee for food; financial documentation. Particularly noteworthy are Civil Office documents among the well-preserved material of the architectural project.

  3. Kraus Lavoslav, stomatolog, NOB

    • Kraus Lavoslav, dentist, anti-Fascist fighter

    Life and work of Kraus Lavoslav, an Osijek dentist of Jewish origin who took part in the anti-fascist uprising.

  4. Stjepan (Esteban) Hefer, odvjetnik, političar, veliki župan župe Baranjske

    • Stjepan (Esteban) Hefer lawyer, politician, head of the ISC Baranya County

    The collection holds material relevant to the life and work of Stjepan Hefer, a lawyer and politician who was the head of Baranya County during the Independent State of Croatia. After the war, Hefer emigrated to Argentina to escape execution/trial in socialist Yugoslavia. In Argentina, he ran the Croatian Liberation Movement until his death.

  5. Državno ravnateljstvo za Ponovu Osijek

    • The Osijek State Directorate for Nationalised Property