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Holding Institution: Державний архів в Автономній Республіці Крим
  1. Bureau of Stocktaking of the Simferopol City Council

    • Инвентаризационное бюро Симферопольского городского управления
    • Inventory Bureau at the Simferopol City Council

    Reports on the work of the bureau. Acts and inventory of the property of missed individuals, industrial facilities, institutions and organizations of the city. Floor - plans of streets and settlements. For information on apartments and property of persons of German nationality. Files dated from November 1941 to February 1943. Most of the files are dated by January-August 1942. Files 1-80. Acts and inventories of belongings of the evacuated citizens. January 1942 onward. File 81. Instruction for inspection of a district. February 1942. Files 100, 112, 114. The same. 1941-42. File 151. Index ...

  2. Agricultural management of the Crimean district (WiKo Krim)

    • Областное сельскохозяйственное управление Крыма (ВИКО Крыма)

    Information related to the occupation politics and the Holocaust can be found in the following files: Inventory 1. File 8. Policy directives and circulars of the German chief of land management, beverage industry control of Crimea and special headquarters of the agricultural management. 1.05.1942-21.08.1943 File 9. Circulars and guidelines from Special Staff of the agricultural management. 1.05.1942-14.07.1943 File 10. Orders for the regulation of wages and working conditions for local residents working at German institutions, and tariff rates. 1942 File 19. Minutes of meetings at the Regio...

  3. Collection of house register books of the house management at the housing department of Simferopol city administration

    • Колекція будинкових книг домоуправлінь міського житлового відділу Симферопольського міського управління

    Books contain listing of city dwellers registered in each street of the city of Simferopol. Books of 1941 contain names of Jewish dwellers as well.

  4. Department of housing of the Feodosia city council, city of Feodosia

    The following file may be related to the Holocaust history: File 1. Orders of the city board. Estimates for building reconstruction. Acts about faulty housing. Acts on acceptance of abandoned housing. Correspondence on economic issues. 15.03.1942 – 18.03.1944.

  5. State Commission for Planning at the Council of Peoples’ Commissars of the Crimean ASSR

    • Государственная плановая комиссия при СНК Крым АССР

    Information about statistics of the Crimean population (including Jewish population) could be found in the files of Inventory 9. File 7. Data about composition and quantity of population of the Crimean ASSR. 1941-45. 33 pages. File 14. Data about quantity of population of Crimea from 1897 to 1941. 1941. 72 pages.

  6. State Archive at the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

    • Государственный архив при Совете Министров Автономной Республики Крым

    The files relating to the Nazi occupation regime and the Holocaust can be found in the files of the Inventory 2: File 1Б. Materials on the former soviet citizens who served in the German military units. 25.05.1943-22.04.1955. 25 pages. File 1В. List of the German-Fascist criminals, who committed crimes on the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimea. 28.08.1944. 4 pages. File 1Г. List of pseudonyms of the newspaper “Golos Kryma” reporters. 9.03.1945. 179 pages. File 11А. Reference list of the publications in the Crimea during the occupation period. 31.01.1996. 10 pages. File 13Б. Refere...

  7. Collection of letters of the Soviet nationals deported to Germany in 1941-1943

    • Коллекция писем советских граждан, угнанных в Германию в 1941-43 гг.
  8. Propaganda Headquarters in the Crimea, 1942-1944

    • Штаб пропаганды в Крыму, 1942-44 гг.

    File 1. Policy guidelines for "cultural" events. Reports on cultural activities (most of the documents in German). 2.09.1942-1.04.1944. 219 pages. File 2. Article by Bykovich in "Commonwealth in-arms" newspaper for volunteers (No. 2 from 11.12.1944) entitled "The Destruction of the center of the bandit movement in Crimea. Release of the civilian population from prison." International information for February 1944 (in German). 1944. 108 pages. File 3. Reports of an international character (in German). 1944. File 4. Short essay about Soviet Russia (in German). 1944. 134 pages. File 5. Reviews...

  9. Clinic in city of Evpatoria, 1941-1944

    Files regarding the situation of the Jewish physicians of Evpatoria before they had been murdered in the end of November 1941 can be found in some of the following files. Files 1-8. Statute of the clinic, orders book, minutes of general meetings, correspondence on economic issues with the city board and other organizations, inventories, cash book, the materials on personnel. 1941. Files 9-26. Orders, minutes of meetings of the Evpatoria city board, balance lists, estimates, reports, expense receipts, cash journal, referral, personal accounts of employees, work report cards, lists of workers...

  10. Department of Housing of the Simferopol City Council

    • Жилищный отдел Симферопольской городской управы

    Information about Jewish property confiscated after the Jews of Simferopol had been murdered (in December 1941) can be found among the following files: File 1. Statute of the housing department. City board regulations, minutes of meetings of the city council. Instructions and reports of the department of housing of the city council (6.02.1942 – 7.09.1943) File 2. Inventory of houses for each city quarter. Vol. 1. 1941-1942. Quarters No. 1-139. File 3. Inventory of houses for each city quarter. Vol. 2. December 1941 – April 1942. Quarters No. 140-325. File 4. Inventory of houses for each cit...

  11. Department of Public Health of Simferopol City Council

    • Врачебно-санитарный отдел Симферопольской городской управы

    Budget. Lists of personnel of patient care institutions. Surveys and estimates on the state of health affairs in the Crimea. Information about diseases of inpatients and outpatients. The number of employees and salary costs for hospitals. Lists of medical workers in cities and districts of Crimea. Information regarding Jewish physicians and the Holocaust can be found in the file 1 of inventory 1 (contains monthly reports about number of employees and salaries, for November-December of 1941), as well as in the file 6 of inventory 1 (information about medical personnel, reports about activiti...

  12. Party archives of the Crimean regional committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, city of Simferopol, Crimean ASSR

    • Партийный архив Крымского областного комитета Компартий Украины, г. Симферополь Крымской АССР
    • Державний архів в Автономній Республіці Крим
    • П-849
    • English, Russian
    • 1921-1992
    • 1154 files. Inventory 1. Documents of the Party archive of the Crimean Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. 501 files. Inventory 3. Recollections of former participants of Sevastopol defense and of the members of the underground and partisan movement in Crimea during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. 318 files.

    Inventory 1. Documents of the Party archive of the Crimean Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. 501 files. File 115. Review of the documents of the Crimean underground movement (Patriotic War). 1959. 26 pages. File 116. References and attachments to them on the partisans and members of underground patriotic organizations of the WWII period, confirmed by the Crimean Regional Party Committee. 06.02.195-10.02.1959. 10 pages. File 127. References and attachments to them on the partisans and members of underground patriotic organizations of the WWII period, confirmed by the Crim...

  13. Crimean Commission on the History of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, city of Simferopol of the Crimean Region

    • Крымская комиссия по истории Великой Отечественной войны 1941-1945 годов, г. Симферополь Крымской области
    • Державний архів в Автономній Республіці Крим
    • П-156
    • English, Russian
    • 1944-1947
    • Inventory 1 – 247 files. Chapters of the Inventory:  Initial period of the Great Patriotic War. Sevastopol and Kerch-Feodosia landings – files 1-23.  Fascist occupation regime – files 24-41  Partisan movement in Crimea – files 42-60.  Underground activities in cities and districts – files 61-90.  Underground activities in the city of Simferopol – files 91-158.  Underground and partisan press in the occupation period – files 159-170.  Liberation of Crimea by the Red Army, recovery of national economy – files 171-179.  Heroes of the Soviet Union. Heroism of the Crimean dwellers on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War – files 180-190.  Poetry and songs – files 191-194.  Documents of the Crimean Commission on the Great Patriotic War – files 195-235.  Materials on groups and individuals who were not recognized officially as underground movement participants. – files 236-247.

    The following files are related to the history of the German and Romanian occupation regime and the Holocaust: File 24. Orders, announcements, leaflets and posters by occupation authorities. 1942-43. 39 pages. File 25. Leaflets and appeals of the German military commandment of Crimea. 1942-44. 99 pages. File 26. Copies of orders, circulars and enactments of the German Propaganda Headquarter in Crimea about the ideological working of the population. 1941-43. 40 pages. File 27. Collection of materials of the German Propaganda Department for Broadcasting in the Occupied Territories (“Radio Ger...

  14. Crimean Headquarter of Partisan Movement

    • Крымский штаб партизанского движения
    • Operational group of the Crimean headquarter of partisan movement at the Crimean regional committee of VKP(b), Simferopol city of the Crimean region

    Selected files that relate to the German occupation politics and the Holocaust: File 138. Personal file of partisan Vikhman Leonid Abramovich. 08.22.1943 – 07.08.1944. 16 pages. File 154. Personal file of partisan Kaplun Timofei Grigorevich. 18.12.1943- 31.12.1943. 6 pages. File 193. Personal file of partisan Yampolsky Pinkhus Ruvimovich. 03.24.1943 - 09.1944. 3 pages. File 385. Diary by Mikhaylenko P.V., chief surgeon and chief medical officer of the partisan movement of Crimea. 30.10.1941-15.09.1942. 85 pages. File 388. Materials on the behavior of the Crimean Tatars during the Nazi occup...

  15. Documentary materials of the Crimean Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine

    • Документальные материалы Крымского обкома КП Украины

    The following files contain information connected to the Holocaust: File 2100. Correspondence between the Regional Committee with the Central Committee of VKP(b) about a set of documents obtained for storage. Lists of party-membership cards and cards of candidates to Communist party killed, dead, missing in partisan detachments, shot by the Germans; lists of Communist party documentation burned in partisan detachments or sent to the Central Committee of the VKP(b) for liquidation. 27.12.1941-2.8.1945. 87 pages. File 2112. Lists of communists who remained in the occupied territory in Kerch a...

  16. Kerch city council

    Inventory 1 – 37 files. File 1. Enactments. November – 16 December 1941. 2 pages. File 2. Printed materials. Enactments and directives of the city council and police. 1 November – 10 December 1941. 26 pages. File 3. Printed enactments and orders of Kerch city council and police. 1941. 18 pages. File 4. Notebook of registry of the outgoing papers of the Kerch city council No. 1-2. 1941. File 5. Notebook of registry of the outgoing papers of the Kerch city council No. 3. 1941. File 6. Notebook of registry of the outgoing papers of the Kerch city council No. 4. 1941. File 13. Lists of employee...

  17. Statistical Bureau of Simferopol City Council

    • Городское статистическое бюро Симферопольской городской управы

    The following files contain statistical information about Jewish and Krymchak population of Simferopol and the Crimea during the Nazi occupation: File 1. Statistical reports for November and December 1941. File 2. Statistical reports for January 1942. File 3. Statistical reports for February 1942. File 4. Statistical reports for March 1942. File 5. Statistical reports for April 1942. File 6. Statistical reports for May 1942. File 7. Statistical reports for June 1942. File 8. Information on the age and gender composition of the population of Simferopol and its suburbs. 01.12.1941 – 01.01.194...

  18. Collection of newspapers published in the Crimea during the Nazi occupation, 1941-44

    • Коллекция периодических изданий периода нацистской оккупации Крыма, 1941-1944

    Name / Sponsored by / Circulation / Length / Dates / Frequency / Language / Issues stored Azat Kirim (Liberated Crimea) / Simferopol city administration, then Crimean Muslim Committee / Up to 15,000 / 4 pp.; length changes / January 11, 1942 – April 9, 1944 / 2/week / Crimean Tatar (Cyrillic, Latin, Arabic script) / 1942 – No. 1-27, 29-68, 70-96, 1943 – No. 99-174, 176-194, 1944 г. – No. 195-221. Biuleten’ Yaltinskogo gorupravleniia (Bulletin of the Yalta City administration, since 5 March 1944 - Iuzhnyi Krym (Southern Crimea) / Yalta city administration / 500 / 2–4 pp. / December 1943 – Ma...

  19. Office of German commandant of Kerch harbor

    • Канцелярия немецкого коменданта Керченского порта

    File 1. Information about the Jews shot by the Germans, with the names, addresses and their apartments (in Russian and German). 1941. File 2. Lists of workers and copies of the identification papers issued by the commandant of Kerch harbor (in German, translations into Russian are available). 1941.

  20. Labor Office of the city of Kerch

    • Керченская биржа труда

    File 1. Lists of employees (shaped out of placer). 2-17.12.1941 File 2. Lists of city dwellers registered by the Kerch Labor Office. File 3. Card index of city dwellers registered by the Kerch Labor Office. Of 3 files the file No. 2 relates to the Holocaust as it contains names and ethnicity of the Krymchaks registered along with the other city dwellers. Lists include information about 3005 persons. Below are examples: Page 5rev: No. 200 Purim Akim Moiseevich, 1893, Krymchak, seller, Kolkhoznaia str., 9. Page 37rev: Bakshi Rakhil Khaimovna, 1887, Krymchak, seamstress, Proletarskaia str., 21...