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Holding Institution: The Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
  1. Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.) Records, Part III: Post-War Administrative Files and Anti-Discrimination Department Files.

    The series “General Files”, contains correspondence, flyers, reports, memos, documentation, … on a wide variety of topics, individuals, events, Jewish and other organisations. We point out the following files: “Belgium” (box 122, folders nrs. 40, 41 and 42; for the years 1957-1968), “Child Adoption Program: Belgium” (box 124, nrs. 35-37; years 1956-1964), “Child Adoption Program: Belgium – Lists” (box 124, nrs. 38-39; years 1957-1964), “Reparations: Belgium” (box 160, nr. 32; years 1961-1962) and “Soviet Jewry: Brussels Conference” (box 168, nrs. 20-21; years 1971, 1975-1976). The “Series V...

  2. Jewish Labor Committee Records, Part II: Holocaust Era Files.

    In “Series III: Foreign Countries” of this fonds, we find several files containing “mixed materials” on Belgium, for the period 1948-1956. See box 80, folders nrs. 25-32 and box 81, folders nrs. 1-2. These numbers correspond with microfilm reels nrs. 237-238. In “Subseries IV:C: Child Adoption Program: Correspondence files” of “Series IV: Immigration, Resettlement and Refugee Aid” we note the following files: “Belgium: General & Lists” (box 114, folder nr. 29), “Belgium: Mila Alter” (box 114, nrs. 30-31) and “Belgium: Poale Zion” (box 114, nr. 32). These files mostly contain corresponde...

  3. Jewish Labor Committee Records, Part I: Holocaust Era Files.

    In “Series III: Foreign Countries” we find a series of files containing “mixed materials” on Belgium. See box 29, folders 9-15, corresponding to microfilm reels nrs. 77 and 78. The files are dated ca. 1940-1947. “Subseries V:C: Addendum” also holds a file on Belgium (1946) – see box 53B, folder nr. 6 (microfilm reel 167).

  4. Edward S. Goldstein: Jewish Labor Committee Research Files.

    Box 2, folder nr. 60 (“France and Belgium: Children’s Homes and other JLC-Supported institutions”) contains a brief overview concerning children’s institutions supported by the JLC in France and Belgium. The documents date back to 1948.

  5. Jewish Labor Committee Collection Photographs.

    This collection is of great interest for this guide. It contains photographs on aid, cultural activities, the children adoptation program etc. provided by the Jewish Labor Committee in the immediate postwar years. In “Subseries B: Holocaust and Jewish Life in Europe under the Nazis” of “Series I” we find photographs and “mixed materials” on Belgium, 1939-1945 (box 1 folder nr. 9). They mostly consist of poor quality copy prints of news service photographs. Box 1, folder nr. 26 of “Subseries C: Postwar Aid Activities” consists of photographs and “mixed materials” regarding “Belgium, Left Poa...

  6. Isaiah Minkoff Papers