Archival Descriptions

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Country: Norway
  1. The Edgar Brichta Archive (1939-1964)

    The Edgar Brichta Archive consists of correspondence regarding Brichta’s family, his stay in Norway and regards to post-war compensation as well as some photographs. The archive gives an insight to several aspects of the Holocaust in Norway - it shows the functions and the effects of Nansenhjelpen, and it also documents the life the very few Jews who survived the war in Norway.

  2. The Ruth Maier Archive (1933-1942)

    Ruth Maier kept a diary throughout her life. During her stay in Norway, she corresponded with her sister in England. The archive consist of 69 letters and eight diaries, covering both her time in Vienna and her time in Norway as well as correspondence between her and other family members. The Ruth Maier Archive documents the thoughts and life of a young Jewish woman facing the Nazi occupation in Austria and Norway. At the same time, several of her writings are marked by normality and everyday life. In addition to her remarkable language and writings she left beautiful drawings, sketches and...

  3. The Else Mendel Archive

    The archive is divided into three groups: letters, personal documents and copies. The letters include Mendel’s correspondence with her family expressing fear and concern about their deported family members.

  4. The Karl Peter and Victor Federer Archive (1937-1950)

    The archive does mainly consist of the letters from the Federer family to the Meyer couple during 1940-1945, both during their sons stay, his travel back to Prague and their deportation. Some of the later letters are also written by Karl Peter himself. After the war, the letters are written from Victor Federer, among other things to tell the Meyers about his wife and sons fate. There are also some photographs of the family, dating prewar and pre-deportation. The archive gives insight to the fate of one family, and a clear picture into the evacuation of Jewish children, the Norwegian foster ...