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Rue des Tanneurs / Huidevettersstraat 65
Bruxelles / Brussel


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From the Middle Ages, the necessity of keeping the generative documents of rights imposes upon the urban Magistrate even before there was a City Hall.

The archives were kept at first in the church Saint Michel and in the tower of the St. Nicholas church. In the 16th century they went to the City Hall. They moved again to 2 different buildings: Spiegel and Boterpot. These buildings were reduced to ruin during the bombardment of Brussels by the troops of Louis XIV in 1695, so destroying a considerable part of the administrative memory of the city.

In spite of this disaster, the City enriched its collections thanks to a policy of acquisition led since the 19th century. This was done by the successive professional historians to whom the City entrusted the management and the administration of the archives. Besides the archives of the ancient regime, they also take care of the preservation of archives produced by the various municipal services.

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