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Holding Institution: Latvijas Nacionālā arhīva Latvijas Valsts arhīvs
  1. Latvijas PSR Valsts drošības komitejas (VDK) par sevišķi bīstamiem pretvalstiskiem noziegumiem apsūdzēto personu krimināllietas

    • The Latvian SSR Committee of State Security (KGB) Criminal Case Files of Persons Accused of Particularly Dangerous Anti-Government Crimes

    Fonds includes criminal cases concerning persons accused of particularly dangerous anti-government crimes against the Soviet state and who received criminal liability according to article Nr. 58 of the RSFSR Criminal Code (1926) and articles Nr. 59–68, 43, 74, and 84 of the Latvian SSR Criminal Code (1961), and persons who lived and had committed crimes in the territory of the Latvian SSR or who had been born in Latvia and committed crimes in the territory of another republic of the USSR; these Criminal cases were delivered for storage in Latvian SSR CSS Archive. Criminal cases include info...

  2. Latvijas PSR Ārkārtējā republikāniskā komisija (VĀK)

    • The Soviet State Extraordinary Commission for Ascertaining and Investigating the Crimes Committed by the German-Fascist Invaders and Their Accomplices
    • Чрезвычайная республиканская комиссия Латвйской ССР

    Losses to Latvian SSR and citizens of various regions of the USSR due to Nazi German occupation; inventory document sand statements; summary lists about Latvian SSR and its cities, districts, and rural municipalities, and about Lithuanian SSR, districts (oblast) of Minsk, Orel, Smolensk, Vitebsk, Kalinin, and Leningrad; summary notes and primary documents of losses made to institutions, enterprises, and public organizations of Latvian SSR; general notes about citizens killed in cities and districts of Latvian SSR and about Latvian SSR citizens deported to work in Germany; lists of Nazi Germ...